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Can we open source the whole economy? This book claims to show how!

Now that's a book I want to read:

Christian Siefkes.
From Exchange to Contributions: Generalizing Peer Production into the Physical World.

Open source needs the corporation

Contributing to open source means a lot of evening hours spent in front of a computer, that I could spend doing something else - spending time with my wife and daughter, playing music, sports, whatever. Of course, open source is based on passion and that's what drives me.

But the point is that the time spent coding for open source is *unbilled*, meaning I'm not directly making a living from it. I might be re-using open source software for my professional work, but typically the code that I write for paying customers or for my employer is not contributed back to the community.

Marketing open source

Microsoft is the most successful software company on Earth. Does it owe its success to better engineering? I hear the masses of netizens ROFLing. Besides, they acquired most of the software that they sell. No, Microsoft owes its success to excellent marketing - too good even for their own good but that's another story.

In general, a for-profit company spends a sizable amount of money on advertising.

Are there too many Linux distros?

TuxRadar asks that interesting question. Here's what I said:

A Linux distro is like having your own customized OS. So one would imagine a loooong wizard that asks you what you plan to do with your new machine, and then selects the best distro to suit your needs.

The open source ecosystem, part 1

It is no news that open source has challenged many established paradigms in the software world, and outside of it too.

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