Is synchronicity real?

Today an 80s song I was listening to on my iPod triggered a whole influx of emotions that led me to call an old friend. To our surprise, it turns out she'd been listening to that band's other hit just a few days ago. Synchronicity?

I have a very simple explanation to that recurring but unexplained phenomenon. Reality is a connected network of information, behaving according to a certain logic. In other words, every event has a certain meaning when considered alongside any other set of events.

Probability and statistics

Randomness is a measure of our ignorance.

The lonely scientist

Ce soir, je me descerne un Bonbel de linguistique, et un autre en physique quantique. Pas mal pour une journée !

On easy analogies

If religion is the opium of the masses, then communism is their heroin, capitalism their speed, and science their LSD!

The game of life according to AT

"In the game of life, it is not about who's right. It is about who's left!"

That's brilliant. And it seems to be original too (I googled it)! The complete post is on leadership, check it out.

The kind of misunderstanding that makes wars happen

All these years, people have been saying "objective" while what they really meant was "inter-subjective".

Being quantum

How do I know we're quantum beings? Because we can sense we're being observed.

Time of life

The unit of time for a live system is the breath.

A clear conscience

"I do what I think is proper, given the symbols I understand."

On reality

Reality is a matter of energy spent.

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