Our conception of freedom is self-indulgent. Look at your role model, and see what they've done with their freedom.

Here are some freedoms that are worth fighting for, imho:

Freedom from greed
Freedom from lust
Freedom from envy
Freedom from sloth
Freedom from vanity
Freedom from addictionsssssssssss
Freedom from depression, paranoia, schizophrenia
Freedom from boredom
Freedom from fear
Freedom from hate
Freedom from evil


Freedom from the self

A clear conscience

"I do what I think is proper, given the symbols I understand."

Faith, overlooked human quality

Faith is a powerful human force, always at work even without the awareness of its agents. Like reason or creativity, faith is a human quality that shapes the behaviour of individuals and of societies.

In the western world, faith is commonly regarded as irrational, and discarded altogether from social or psychological discourse. Canadian philosopher and humanist John Ralston Saul, in his social critique entitled On Equilibrium, argues that democratic society must progress by balancing the essential human qualities or forces, to reach global justice with individual freedom. The qualities that he cites are: common sense, ethics, imagination, intuition, memory, and reason. He argues that reason has been the predominant quality in the West, leading to the tyranny of that trait at the expense of loss of balance with other qualities. A humanist message indeed.

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