You know you're an infojunkie if...

10. The main intellectual activity of your childhood consisted of making lists, from airplane models to French words of Arabic origin and vice-versa.
9. Your parents took you in their Trivial Pursuit team, encouraging you to memorize all the cards.
8. Your high school teachers gave you books that you keep rediscovering every decade.
7. Now that you've grown up, your innocent list-making has turned into an addiction for collections: music, books, films, whatever can be acquired into a hierarchy of categories.
6. With the advent of the Internet, your addiction has taken a turn for the worse. You've become a multimedia pirate and you're spending unreasonable amounts of money on bandwidth and disk space.
5. You spend hours every day nursing your collections: recategorizing, renaming, reindexing, backing up, etc.
4. Of course, you haven't consumed (read, listened, watched) even 10% of your collections. But still, you can recall titles and categories from most any subject under the sun, giving everyone the impression that you are very knowledgeable.
3. You catch yourself abstracting events ad infinitum. You find patterns everywhere, and physical experience takes a back seat to the thrill of discovering logical relationships - giving your social circle the impression you've gone insane.
2. You have a feeling of nausea when you wake up, thinking of the amount of information still waiting to be digested.
1. You have a nagging suspicion that information overload is as bad as its scarcity. You start doubting the whole enterprise of the pursuit of knowledge. You secretly wish that a beautiful disaster would rid you of the object of your addiction - but how far should it go?