Scenes and interactions

Our individual lives are made up of scenes. I start the workday on a breakfast with the family scene, concluded by walking my daughter to her schoolbus. Then starts the work scene, in which I interact with my team, mostly virtually. Then my daughter comes back from school, and it's homework time, then dinner, etc.

In these scenes, we interact with other people. When we exit the scene, these interactions leave some emotional/rational trace on our internal states as individuals. This payload accumulates into the general assessment of our relationship with each of the other individuals, and groups thereof.

Examples of successful, positive interactions include:
* A pleasant walk with my daughter in the fresh morning air, singing or telling a story together.
* Deploying the new software release with the team, ensuring that the live app is sane. We call it a build and congratulate each other on a job well done!

In my life, I am conscious of the value of successful interactions and thrive to maximize their occurrence.