The perfect information

A man [M] was given information by a supreme intelligence [A], via an emissary [J]. This man relayed this information to his peers [P] by oral recitation. Over decades, these oral recitations were collected in a book [Q].

Is the book a perfect replica of the original information?
A -> J -> M -> P -> Q (-> Publishing -> Us)

The law of diminishing information stipulates that the original information diminishes at each step, or at most remains the same. Only if each intermediary is an Ideal Receiver, can we ensure that informativity remains the same. You may or may not disagree with this law, but it does seem to pragmatically approximate known reality.

Another possibility is a miracle: an event that does not conform to laws of logic? physics? What exactly is a miracle?

In any case, it is fair to assume that the information that finally reaches us has been altered somewhat from the original source.

The important question is: What do we do with this information?