The neoluddite manifesto

We are severely underutilizing our mind-bodies.

Instead, we spend our time creating proxy tools to manipulate reality, while our mind-body would take us far - and how far is unknown - along this direction. (for starters, our collective mind-bodies have created the tools)

Programming computers is essentially recreating the world, detail by detail, in digital format. It is a waste of time inasmuch as the world already exists, and we could use our mind-body to reason about it - instead of programming the computer to do it for us. Note that it is almost a truism that the digital version of the world is very poor compared to the original, and so are the mechanical reasoning tools we build in the computer compared to our own reasoning and creative abilities.

Instead, we need to increase awareness of our mind/body's capabilities. Since we are conscious of that which we are conscious of, the hidden capabilities must lie in the parts of which we are unconscious. The "classical" subconscious is a good place to start - and indeed, many spiritual / psychological theories and pseudo-theories adopt the same position.

We can help the conscious mind regain awareness of these hidden capabilities. The techniques described here can be applied:

In general, a curriculum for the mind must be developed. Starting from the very simplest exercises of mind-body manipulations, like using the senses, and out towards ever-expanding reaches of our abilities.