Moerae: Threads of activity

Humans perform activities. I like to think of activities as made of threads, a potent word referring to continuity in time, causality and intentionality.

As our activities become more automated, it is important to keep their thread-like aspect intact in digital form. Project planning and tracking software is a typical example of this approach. But these systems impose too much rigour when entering data, making their use difficult in many setups including small organizations.

What is proposed is to create an unstructured and easily-accessible system to describe group activities in the past or the future. The data model should be generic enough to allow reporting along several dimensions: personal timesheets, resource utilization, progress reporting, chronology, etc.

The following concepts should be represented in the system:

Activity - a bundle of threads\Thread - a linear sequence of actions\Action - an atomic unit of execution (in time or other logical space)\Actor - who executes actions\Role - played by an actor to execute actions\Goal\Process\Task\Responsibility\Resource\ How can the system represent new concepts not defined a priori?