Microsoft doesn't get the Web

The Microsoft bid to acquire Yahoo! is the latest desperate move from a dinosaur to avoid extinction. Actually, the only thing keeping that dinosaur alive right now is its cash, because it is plain to see that Microsoft just doesn't "get" the Web. It drove Hotmail to the ground years ago, it created a single sign-on system that everybody hates, and I don't think is much better than - even the name is as bland.

Yahoo! might be Microsoft's only hope of catching up with the rest of the IT world, but I think this deal would only benefit Microsoft, and surely not the customers - myself included - who would not only suffer the short-term disturbances of management change, vision change, priority shifting, etc. but also longer-term effects due to the acquirer's blatant inability to grasp the meaning and value of open and community-based software evolution.

IMHO, Microsoft should willfully explode into 5 or 6 smaller and totally disconnected companies, instead of trying to survive through cannibalism.