The metaphysics of R.

For R., the purpose of each person is to communicate with his neighbours. Establishing communication is the main effort to be done, as opposed to solving practical problems. If we look at the human condition, most problems have been resolved, or are in the process of being resolved, but communication problems are still plaguing our existence and causing pain and misery.

Communication requires tuning into the other, and vice-versa. Just like two people who are talking somehow tune their voices to express ideas to each other, to understand and be understood, they also tune their thoughts to their interlocutors. Similarly, a gardener needs to tune into her plants to tend to them, and a programmer into his code to debug it.

Tuning here is a metaphor that recalls harmony, music, waves, frequencies. (What is the thing being tuned, and what is it being tuned to?)

For R., if communication flowed positively between individuals, more harmony would ensue. A growing network of people would be connected in a web of harmony, at the limit of which the perfect chord would resonate, bringing an end to our dissonant mode of existence.

Consider a network where nodes are communicating agents, and links are communication channels.

The network is not static. Agents continuously create new communication channels and sever existing ones. Energy and information flow through the network, driving (and being driven by) the agents' decisions.

In this way, agents effectively move through different regions of the network. They linger in regions longer than others, if they are able to establish communication links that are stable and beneficial. But the process of entropy always lurks, bringing about change and more movement.