The Gödel question of human psychology

I feel like all the layers are being peeled off
one by one, each dimension resolving into its simplest form, nothingness,
because they all converge towards the same core.

What is art but the expression of our upheaved emotions,
and science but a problem-solving tool, extended into the real world by technology.

Reality itself is malleable, we mold it into what we want, need, desire, indeed will.
Reality has become, or is, a global mirror to our collective wills - whoever has one.

What remains?

What remains is logic itself. Why does 1 OR 0 = 1? 1 AND 0 = 0? Can we break from its tight, confining grip?

What remains also is time, the nemesis. Its curse has engendered cause and effect and their inescapable logic. A true test for our wills.

Fortunately, our wills also remain. That's about the only real asset that we do possess. Against time and logic perhaps, but towards what? We struggle in our psyche constantly, unable to balance the mysterious forces that move us in all directions. A complex that leads us right back into the origin of creation and beyond into the metaphysical and spiritual realms.

Seriously, WTF are we doing here? Beyond passing the time? Is any of it worth the effort?

It's of course the ultimate personal question. There can be any answer to this question, *each time* it is asked by even the same person.

Seeking happiness perhaps? We do this quite clumsily obviously.

Seeking nothing, again. The trivial solution, but not so trivial after all. In fact, I know very few people who seek nothing, maybe no one. I know, I know, I don't hang out with Zen monks much. Is it even possible to seek nothing? Assuming nothing is impossible, the only way to know is to try. Yawn.

Another solution is to ignore the question. We might be dealing here with the Gödel question of our psychology, which would get us even closer to Turing machines and the grail of artificial intelligence. A paradox in our very system. Monty Python's Killing Joke. The mind reels at the vertigo created by this question.

Outside of this psychic black hole, we recover our life-energy, that which powers our will, and can spend a lifetime playing the game of survival, with our last resort a faith, or hope, that we're cells in a machine we can hardly comprehend but that ultimately leads to us to Good.

Lame? Hey, this is only a blog post.