facebook vs blogs

facebook spelled the death of the social blogs. which is a shame, because expressivity in facebook is limited to plain text, user linking, multimedia and a narrow set of primitive actions. whereas on blogs, it was their virtually unlimited flexibility and variation that ultimately resulted in a disconnected chaos that led to low social engagement at the pan-blog level. facebook lowered the bar to self-publishing, "dumbed it down" to great popular success, sacrificing the full blog expressivity to achieve that goal.

a truly open social system would allow a decentralized, blog-like organization but that is connected by "web engines" that consume blog content and create a facebook-like superstructure that can be embedded in whole or in parts in the individual blogs. blog creation itself would be a service offered by the superstructure.

the new social engine would integrate within popular cmses and online blogging platforms, providing blocks that can be embedded within the individual blogs. for example:

  • an activity stream of friends
  • a list of friend events
  • a list of actions per post / comment

the architecture would use open standards such as oEmbed, OAuth, OpenID, RSS.