Elements of a cosmogony

  • The probability of a universe with evolution baked in must be very rare indeed. The rarer the event, the higher its complexity (or so says the computational complexity paradigm). Therefore, we live in a highly complex universe.
  • Our grasp of this complexity, in other words our awareness of it, is slowly building. But our current assessment is that awareness can still grow indefinitely, maybe infinitely, more. Therefore, the complexity of the universe is currently beyond our awareness.
  • The existence of beings with higher-order awareness cannot be excluded. Such beings may be called gods, by humans, keeping the same historical term that is used to describe awesome natural forces and processes. As our science and knowledge progress, gods keep getting replaced by scientific concepts that give us better control over these forces and processes. Can we ever replace the very last, most subtle God? The debate is still open.

On learning

  • Learning rate of intelligent agent: how many new connections per second
  • What is the graph of learning rate of a typical human individual? ant individual?
  • Babies learn with each interaction with another person. Maybe all people do.
  • Babies learn about space in steps. As an embryo, their eyes learn to perceive light. Newborn, their field of sight does not exceed the bounds of their mother's chest and face. Vision progressively widens and refines (perception of color, distance, depth, etc.) as time passes. Accordingly, the internal representation of space in the baby's mind gets built up progressively. First, the existence of dark and light. Then, one mostly one-dimensional monochromatic plane with few features. Features get mapped progressively, as the baby touches its mother's body to discover it. The point is the nipple. The enclosed space is the mouth. A topological/geometrical model gets built that is the basis for a full-fledged spatial reasoning engine.
  • How do babies learn about time?

On life

  • Multi-cellular organisms get built-up by symbioses of lower-level organisms, each of which with a particular "skill" (function that it performs efficiently). The human body can be seen as a assembly of the best parts of lower-level organisms. E.g. the sea urchin is an eye. A DNA search could add weight to this hypothesis. From a population of lower-level organisms, we would find their common DNA patterns in higher-level organisms' DNA, possibly transformed to integrate within the new organization.
  • The journey from egg/sperm pair to fully-formed adult replays the plan encoded in the DNA as each particular individual interacts with the environment. The environment itself is made of individual carrying different DNA. The logic of evolution is the maintainer and refiner of this plan.

On human evolution

  • We've reached an evolutionary state where the cultural / psychological component plays a dominant role. Where do we go from here?
  • Racism can end, genetically, when the whole human gene pool has been homogenized. Once cannot be racist against himself - at least at the biological level. That means hybridization must be encouraged, and directed, in sexual reproduction. Directed towards maximization of exposure to different DNA lines.
  • Within the maximal DNA cross-exposure pool of individuals, we can find the highest expressions of the human species.

On ethics

  • The forbidden fruit of knowledge might be awareness. It weighs us down and we can never get enough of it.
  • Our existence is one path that is realized among an infinity of possibilities. We make a value judgement at each situation, comparing it to ideals such as Heaven and Hell, the polar opposites.
  • But we really live in a superposition of Heaven and Hell, one of infinitely many configurations. When time/space collapses back into the void, "then" "we" "will" "see" "the pattern" our timeline made - how close to Heaven or to Hell.

In the beginning...

  • In the beginning was the void, encompassing all unexplored possibilities. A ray of light cracked it open, turning the possibilities into reality. Whence the void? Whence the ray of light?