Chronicle (2012) - Josh Trank ✩✩✩

Surprisingly good movie. The new breed of sci-fi introduces a single extraordinary element and explores the logical repercussions in today's world. In this case, superhuman telekinetic power is used by 3 high-school seniors in progressively more dramatic situations, caused by their social-psychological context.

Believability is for me a key element of a movie. I feel willing to suspend my disbelief for extraordinary elements - those that do not fit our daily experience - as long as:

  • The extraordinary element is localized, easily graspable
  • Additional extraordinary elements are not introduced gratuitously or to close holes in the plot
  • The internal logic of the movie world remains consistent
  • God-like status is never granted - all characters have flaws and limitations
  • The special effects are good :-)

Chronicle was believable in this sense. The fx are amazing! The cloud sequences were really enthralling. In general, telekinetic power is easily understandable. There were no additional extraordinary elements introduced. The actions of the characters were consistent with this new power. In fact, the plot seemed to deliberately avoid getting into situations where this new power would endanger the consistency - and thus remained simple and to the point.

The point being, uh... there are screwed up teens because their parents are screwed up? Fair enough.