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Evolutionary transcendence of the sexual condition

One of the human weaknesses is that we only desire what we cannot have or fear to lose. Some prescriptive philosophies aim at curtailing desire in its various forms, or even in its abstract expression. Most if not all of these attempts are doomed to failure. A glaring example is the sexual revolution that we've been experiencing since the 1960s.

Human evolution - a plausible scenario


Kids are getting taller.

This seemingly trivial observation carries with it deep implications as to the future of humankind, in the biological sense.

The human body is growing in height. Maybe also in width and volume? What about the brain and other organs?

the human body as evolutionary assembly


consider unicellular organisms. over the course of evolution, these organisms evolved a differentiated set of skills. to better survive, each strand of organism would "team up" with a different, complementary strand where, together, they would stand a better chance for survival.

these organisms fused together, giving up their individuality to become a super-organism. of these unions and their progenies, some strands survived and some perished. again, these superorganisms fused into yet-higher organisms, and so on.

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