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Horoscope on the bus


A homeless guy walks into a bus. He sits at the back, facing another man, visibly a first or second generation immigrant. At the very corner sits a woman, mother of 2, who's thinking what she will make for dinner tonight. A few other passengers are sitting elsewhere.

this f****ing chileans ESL

  • Are you steroids? I never had so many tickets...... :)

  • Yes, I am steroids :-)

  • Hahaha you know what I meant. this f****ing chileans ESL.....

Humour on the Web

More than anywhere else, humour on the Web is constructed socially: an initial utterance is responded to, and so on in a chain that builds up the joke.

Witness Slashdot for some hilarious commenting activity where the initial article, the seed information, only serves to elicit the responses from the community. Responses are typically orthogonal to the original article and experienced commenters answer each other, building up the humorous threads of response.

The Great Copyright Holder


We are pillaging the universe's intellectual property without a hint of remorse. Did the universe come with a non-reverse-engineering clause? Did we ever bother to ask? Who can we ask?

The hippies tell you it's public domain, while the fundies enforce God's alleged claim. The greedies take it for free and sell it for a profit.

What's a NOOMA?


- How much would such a project cost?
- Oh, I'd say about 25K but that's just a NOOMA.

Egyptian Web technology


After i18n, l10n and a11y, Egyptians came up with a new Web technology: a7a!

Bathroom reading is not safe


A man walks in a little bookstore and buys sophisticated books that deal with philosophical and scientific topics. At the counter, the young clerk comments:
- A little light reading huh.
- Yeah, just some bathroom reading, replies the man matter of factly, trying to be funny in the shortest sentence.
- Wow, you must be full of shit then!

You know you're an infojunkie if...

10. The main intellectual activity of your childhood consisted of making lists, from airplane models to French words of Arabic origin and vice-versa.
9. Your parents took you in their Trivial Pursuit team, encouraging you to memorize all the cards.
8. Your high school teachers gave you books that you keep rediscovering every decade.
7. Now that you've grown up, your innocent list-making has turned into an addiction for collections: music, books, films, whatever can be acquired into a hierarchy of categories.

Number systems


" A binary digit is a bit,
a ternary digit a tit!
- Oh, quit it."

My feeling exactly

Thanks A.K.!

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