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1 shot 2 kills


A Google search of the term will be enough to convey the meaning.

The future mediastore

The mediastore will replace today's both DVD rental and music stores. It will only serve digital media, that customers will load onto their personal storage devices, such as USB flash drives or iPods. They will also be able to order it to be placed online, to later stream it from home.

The value of the mediastore will be the same as today's video or CD store: to find current media in an environment designed for findability.

Social ethics of the Internet

The Internet is defining new social ethics: they are called Netiquette.The most well-known instance is email etiquette. I recommend those short email etiquette guides.

What are ethics?

Egyptian Web technology


After i18n, l10n and a11y, Egyptians came up with a new Web technology: a7a!

What is π ?

Today, March 14th, is Pi day - can you guess why that particular day? We all know Pi = 3.1415..., but what does this quantity represent, ontologically?

I spent a few minutes figuring it out and then I checked Wikipedia which gave me a very good visualization of the meaning of that number: Pi-unrolled-720.gif

What that means is that Pi is actually a distance, namely the circumference of a circle whose diameter is one.

Internet will subsume all other networks

What started as a text-only information exchange is now used to channel a bewildering array of media, replacing or incorporating old networks along the way. After text came pictures, then audio, then real-time voice, then video, and now HD video streaming. In addition to providing the biggest information storage capability ever devised.

Random thoughts about the Internet

As far as media are concerned, on the Internet it's enjoy first and pay later (maybe). If I like it enough to want to support your thing.

Marketing open source

Microsoft is the most successful software company on Earth. Does it owe its success to better engineering? I hear the masses of netizens ROFLing. Besides, they acquired most of the software that they sell. No, Microsoft owes its success to excellent marketing - too good even for their own good but that's another story.

In general, a for-profit company spends a sizable amount of money on advertising.

Are there too many Linux distros?

TuxRadar asks that interesting question. Here's what I said:

A Linux distro is like having your own customized OS. So one would imagine a loooong wizard that asks you what you plan to do with your new machine, and then selects the best distro to suit your needs.

infojunkie on Mozilla Net Effects

Mozilla Net Effects is a marketing initiative dedicated to increase awareness about the benefits of the Internet. It does so by showing short video statements made by ordinary netizens who speak about how the Net has changed their lives.

I like the idea a lot and so I sent in my own statements. Sorry for the video bugs - Linux is still a bit rough around the edges in that area.

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