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Human evolution - a plausible scenario


Kids are getting taller.

This seemingly trivial observation carries with it deep implications as to the future of humankind, in the biological sense.

The human body is growing in height. Maybe also in width and volume? What about the brain and other organs?

the human body as evolutionary assembly


consider unicellular organisms. over the course of evolution, these organisms evolved a differentiated set of skills. to better survive, each strand of organism would "team up" with a different, complementary strand where, together, they would stand a better chance for survival.

these organisms fused together, giving up their individuality to become a super-organism. of these unions and their progenies, some strands survived and some perished. again, these superorganisms fused into yet-higher organisms, and so on.

facebook vs blogs

facebook spelled the death of the social blogs. which is a shame, because expressivity in facebook is limited to plain text, user linking, multimedia and a narrow set of primitive actions. whereas on blogs, it was their virtually unlimited flexibility and variation that ultimately resulted in a disconnected chaos that led to low social engagement at the pan-blog level. facebook lowered the bar to self-publishing, "dumbed it down" to great popular success, sacrificing the full blog expressivity to achieve that goal.

Problem-solving data model

Problem-solving itself can be modeled. Let's start with a real-life example: Washing dishes using a dishwasher.

One must place the dirty dishes inside the dishwasher, load up the detergents, choose a washing program, and activate the dishwasher.

Dishes must be rinsed manually before being placed in the dishwasher, to ensure maximum cleanliness. Rinsing is a distinct activity, that does not involve the dishwasher in its performance. Rinsing involves one or more sinks, a garbage collector, sponge(s), detergent(s), possibly other types of scrubs. The main resource used is hot water.

Elements of a cosmogony

  • The probability of a universe with evolution baked in must be very rare indeed. The rarer the event, the higher its complexity (or so says the computational complexity paradigm). Therefore, we live in a highly complex universe.
  • Our grasp of this complexity, in other words our awareness of it, is slowly building. But our current assessment is that awareness can still grow indefinitely, maybe infinitely, more. Therefore, the complexity of the universe is currently beyond our awareness.

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace - Adam Curtis 2011 ⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟

Ayn Rand's demise started when she was unable to uphold her own philosophy, collapsing in front of her lover Nathaniel Branden and accusing him of immorality for leaving her for a younger woman. Wasn't he acting out of "rational" self-interest?

Chronicle (2012) - Josh Trank ✩✩✩

Surprisingly good movie. The new breed of sci-fi introduces a single extraordinary element and explores the logical repercussions in today's world. In this case, superhuman telekinetic power is used by 3 high-school seniors in progressively more dramatic situations, caused by their social-psychological context.

Believability is for me a key element of a movie. I feel willing to suspend my disbelief for extraordinary elements - those that do not fit our daily experience - as long as:

  • The extraordinary element is localized, easily graspable

الساحر (٢٠٠١) - رضوان الكاشف ✩✩✩✩

Movie with Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz, Menna Shalabi, Gamil Ratib, Sari El-Naggar, Mika. From my karass :-)

Information overload

Dealing with information overload: optimize the usage of signs.
Processing information means extracting it, transforming it, storing it and indexing it for later retrieval.
Indexing means referring to an information set via a key. This key is a sign to the original information.


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